• Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2012
    Front row at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2012
  • SharePoint Saturday Columbus 2013
    "Upgrading Your Skillset for SharePoint 2013 App Model Development" at SharePoint Saturday Columbus 2013
  • Deep SharePoint Knowledge
    Deep knowledge and experience to help you get the most out of your SharePoint investment
  • Buckeye SharePoint User Group 2013
    "Will Apps End the SharePoint Cold War?" at the BuckeyeSPUG
  • SPTechCon San Francisco 2013
    Community conversation at SPTechCon San Francisco 2013
  • The Nuts and Bolts of a Good Solution
    Bitstream Foundry brings the right nuts and bolts together for your SharePoint solution
  • SPTechCon Boston 2013
    "Code Solutions to Improve SharePoint Performance and Scalability via Caching" at SPTechCon Boston 2013

Deep Into SharePoint

Solution Design Under-The-Hood

SharePoint makes many business processes and tasks look simple, but the reality is that SharePoint is anything but simple under-the-hood. Whether you're trying to set up SharePoint for the first time, add custom functionality to an existing environment, upgrade from a previous version, or simply get some good guidance on how to move forward with your project, you need help from someone who understands SharePoint deeply both inside and out. With a variety of products and services that evolved from a set of real-world needs, Bitstream Foundry can help you tackle your problems and put SharePoint to work for you.

Part of a Community

A vibrant ecosystem and worldwide community of enthusiasts exists around SharePoint, and Bitstream Foundry has been contributing to this community for years. Much of the Bitstream Foundry's extracurricular activity is oriented towards providing resources to help others with their SharePoint challenges. Through workshops, apps, writing, speaking at events, donating time to worthy causes, and much more, Bitstream Foundry is doing its part to give back to the community and help those who are seeking to get ahead with SharePoint.

Presenting to the BuckeyeSPUG

Want to Learn More?

More Information is This Way

Interested in seeing more? Explore this site to learn more about Bitstream Foundry, what makes us tick, and how our passion for SharePoint can help you. Want to talk with us? Please reach out! Interacting with technologists, end users, and folks from all walks of "SharePoint life" is something we love to do.